Chinese-style “Wife Exchange”


What will happen if an urban man exchanges his wife with a countryman? 33-year-old Tong Chunhong maybe has never expected that she will participate in the “wife exchange”. She is a housewife of Yaozhuang village of Liubu town in southern mountainous region of Ji’nan province, and she often gets up at 4 o’clock in every morning to fry and sell pancakes and send her son to go to school until the program team of Housewife Exchange of Qilu TV station visits and invites her.

Tong Chunhong’s cousin is a cleaner of the movie city located in suburb of Ji’nan and she knows the staff of Qilu TV station, just the program team want to invite a country housewife, and through the cousin’s recommendation, Tong Chunhong has went to town and led a whole new life for two weeks with a quite strange urban men, who is the husband of lady Cui Manning.

As the original version of Housewife Exchange of Qilu TV station, a show of American ABC TV station has greatly inspired the program team: There are two small families to be exchanged, of which one is a common “petty bourgeoisie family”, both of the couple have rich and generous income and normally exercise yoga and listen to music at home. After the show begins, contradictions of the two families emerge in an endless stream, which can also be seen in Housewife Exchange.

Initially, when the recruitment notice of Housewife Exchange was released, there were many candidates who had originally thought that it is a talk show in a studio. However, the director persisted in a “reality show”, so many people drew back.

When Housewife Exchange was just launched, many people were greatly surprised and wondered that Shandong with conservative conventions had produced such a show. Although there was the like show called Metamorphosis (Bianxingji) produced by Hunan Satellite TV before, but the shooting contents of Metamorphosis are all related to education of teenagers, for example, the young sufferer from internet addiction and the rural teacher etc. Let’s put its contents aside, just the name of Housewife Exchange has already touched the bottom of many audiences. “Just for the wife exchange clubs in western world, such shows are produced. But the shows of housewife exchange are not related to the exchange of sex partner, and foreign shows are the same. Although the name of Housewife Exchange is only intended to attract eyeballs, but its contents are real,” the producer Fang Shuhua says.

“In fact, wife exchange is more difficult than child exchange for operation.” Yan Aihua says, who is the chief of Qilu TV station. After all, the show is required to set up the video camera in other people’s living room and kitchen prying into family privacy, However, “such scenes as cooking, doing housework, shopping and farming can often be seen in common TV shows. The so-called ‘wife exchange’ is just a more exciting wording actually.”